Metro Toronto Wildcats - Game for the Ages

Trivel Pinto

MTW has been fortunate to boast some some of the greatest receivers in the history of the League. It goes back to:

Kevin Logan (’02 Lafayette, Hall of Fame) Ricky Clarke (’04 Hall of Fame, OVFL Records, #2 All Time Wildcat ) Robin Legault (’04, York U, Hall of Fame, MTW Records) Mike Mizerski (’06 Manitoba, Hall of Fame, OVFL #1 rank) Shawn Gore (’06, Bishop’s, BC Lions, MTW and OVFL HAll of Fame) Justene Edwards (’08, McGill, Europe, OVFL #1 rank, MTW Records) Justin Babin (’10, U of T, Hall of Fame, OVFL #1 rank, MTW Records)

Well we’ve got another one to talk about. This one wouldn’t brag about his performance so we’ll do it for him. On Saturday against Oshawa VCat Trivel Pinto did some things even these great receivers would have to tip their hats to.

What he did was set three new OVFL and MTW records! First with 291 receiving yards he broke the MTW record of 225 set in 2004 by Robin Legault. That also broke the OVFL record set in 2001 by Vaughan Swart of Niagara at 272. And his 457 combined return and receiving yards broke the MTW and OVFL combined yardage record set in 2003 by MTW’s Ricky Clarke at 415. That one no one thought would be broken. To top it off his 8 first downs broke the first downs record of 6 set in 2013 by Mathieu Bradley of Myers in 2013.

What kind of feat was this? The two major records, yardage and combined, were set over 12 years ago, two of the longest standing records in the OVFL! In fact the 291 broke THE oldest receiving record in the OVFL books!

We are incredibly proud of this long time Wildcat. We’ve seen his talents grow year after year and we know the UBC Thunderbirds will continue to take Trivel to even greater heights this fall. The sky’s the limit for this Cat!


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