Letter: You should go to Homecoming

Before you even read the rest of this article, I want you to go on your phone and then proceed to open your weather app. My iPhone is telling me it is going to be 23 degrees and sunny on Saturday. That alone should be a good enough reason for you to go outside with your friends, watch our football team and consume some adult beverages.

If you need more to be convinced that Homecoming is the greatest weekend of the school year, just look at the attendance. Last year, over 4,000 students showed up and it looks like there will be even more this year. It will be one of the most attended events in the school year, littered with fellow Thunderbirds, past and present.

And if you are not a fan of football, Homecoming is totally worth attending since the whole day is a huge celebration, starting with The Great Thunderbird Trek at 3 p.m., followed by a Street Party from 4-6. Homecoming is not just a football game, it is a reminder of what the potential for sports at this school could be, a reminder that we are the greatest athletic program in Canada, a reminder that we have (or could have) the greatest fans in Canada.

But all of this is not possible if you don’t attend. There are going to be thousands of people sharing the same passion for a Thunderbirds win over the visiting Regina Rams; a perfect opportunity to make friends. Homecoming is a social scene with lots of music, food, drinks and, of course, football.

If you go to homecoming, you might not remember the score, but the memories you’ll leave with will last a lifetime.

(Photo: Kosta Prodanovic / The Ubyssey)

Click here for the full story: http://ubyssey.ca/opinion/letter-go-homecoming/


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