What is it with UBC these days. In our first 18 years we had 1 Wildcat play for the TBirds and now we have MTW VCat DE Henrique Custodio signing on to join 2015 grads Trivel Pinto and Luc Babin with the National Champs! The four year Wildcat has enjoyed a great career with MTW as you can see by ever increasing defensive point production (see below) ending in 2015 as the 2nd ranked MTW defender behind his new UBC teammate Luc Babin.

The TBirds get a technically solid rush end or linebacker who can really lay the lumber as evident in his winning of the 2015 Hammer Award, emblematic of the player who is the most feared hitter on the team.

Good Luck and congratulations Henrique…we’ll be watching!!!

Click here for the full story.


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