Football team, Athletics and Recreation staff to act as 'Stay Safe Ambassadors'

The last day of the spring semester is upon us, and with it comes large congregations of celebrating students around the UBC campus. The largest event will take place Friday night at Thunderbird Stadium where up to 10,000 students will take part in the annual AMS Block Party. The party goers will have a special group acting as lead blockers if they require a safe passage home from the event. Up to 30 members of the Vanier Cup winning UBC football team and some other UBC Athletics and Recreation staff will be volunteering as "Stay Safe Ambassadors". "While football may garner alot of the spotlight around campus, we are part of a bigger plan to make the campus safe," says UBC Football Head Coach Blake Nill. "We want our players to be interwoven into the fabric of the university and seen as leaders on campus." The expected 10,000 concert goers will be the biggest AMS Block Party ever, and has generated a robust safety plan from the AMS executive. "We have over 100 security guards, including our staff. We work with our campus partners to make sure that their events are safe. This in conjunction with our Safewalk program," says Jenna Omassi, AMS VP of Academic and University Affairs. The football team and the other 'Stay Safe Ambassadors' will work in two's or three's, moving around campus by foot or bike. They will hand out water bottles and 'Stay Safe' cards with Safewalk telephone information. The 'Stay Safe Ambassadors' will be on shift from 9pm Friday until 2am Saturday. "The football team players are good friends with many of the regular students," adds Nill. "They are going to go out and have fun with the students and create a presence."

Listen to the interview with Coach Nill and Jenna Omassi on CBC's The Early Edition here.

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