The Top 100 UBC Football Players: 90 - 86

Every weekday until UBC football's home opener on September 9th, will release five former T-Birds on the list of 'The Top 100 UBC Football Players'. Follow along on the UBC football page of Support the 2017 version of the UBC Thunderbirds football program by purchasing your season tickets today at Who is the greatest Thunderbird to ever play football for UBC? A lofty question and one that is hard to quantify. Comparing football players through generations is challenging. The game of football has seen countless changes in rules and equipment, since the first team of what were then called Canadian rugby-football players formed at Point Grey in 1923. These obstacles did not deter UBC defensive coordinator Pat Tracey, however. Tracey, a self-confessed football stats and history 'geek', wanted to compile an easy to digest ranking list for fans and alumni alike. He went to work devising a ranking system to create a final compilation: 'The Top 100 UBC Football Players'.

90) Carey Lapa (DL):

  • Hardy Cup Finalist ('81,'83)

  • Vanier Cup Champion ('82)

  • Led Canada West in QB Sacks in a Game (4) vs. Saskatchewan, Sept. 7th, 1985

  • Canada West All-Star ('85)

89) George Piva (OL):

  • Hardy Cup Finalist ('81)

  • Vanier Cup Champion ('82)

  • All-Star ('81,'82)

  • 5th Rd pick, 40th overall CFL (Hamilton)

88) Alec Pennell (OL):

  • Vanier Cup Champion ('15)

  • Canada West All-Star ('13)

  • All-Canadian ('13)

87) Stewart Scherck (LB):

  • Hardy Cup Finalist ('96,'98,'99)

  • Canada West All-Star ('97)

  • Vanier Cup Champion ('97)

  • Ted Morris Trophy Vanier Cup Defensive MOP ('97)

86) John Turecki (DL):

  • Hardy Cup Champion ('76)

  • Hardy Cup Finalist ('77)

  • Nestle Pre-Season All-Canadian ('76)

  • Led UBC in QB Sacks ('76,'77)

  • All-Star ('75,'76,'77)


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